The healer character class

This is the second article in the series exploring character creation options for the upcoming Legends of Elden® Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

The healer is one of the several full spellcasting classes that make use of a catalyst (1) to cast spells. Unlike power runes, spells reshape the very fabric of reality around the caster in a plethora of ways and one must be a conduit (2) to be able to cast them. Therefore, spells are considered by many to be the most advanced and elegant form of Eldeni magic. Healer spells are capable of altering and boosting a creature's bodily functions, interacting with the spirit world and creating light effects.

Healers play an essential role in Eldeni society usually being employed by both governments and religious organizations alike to provide dependable and consistent healthcare to all of Elden's inhabitants. In contrast with many other fantasy settings, a healer's power, like all of the other spellcasting classes, comes from their connection to the Aether (3) rather from a divine source.

The healer is a mystic hero whose core ability is Charisma. The healer has regular health and regular willpower and is equally suited for melee and ranged combat performing primarily as a supporter, buffing (4), healing and protecting her/his allies with her/his spells. A healer can expand her/his talent list by using a grimoire.

Healer's talent list

  • Accelerated healing. Spell. Heals a creature's wounds.

  • Aura seeing. Passive. Shows a creature's emotional state.

  • Blinding light. Spell. Blinds creatures in area.

  • Bright arrow. Spell. Ranged attack that deals radiant damage.

  • Cause confusion. Spell. The target becomes confused.

  • Cause exhaustion. Spell. The target becomes exhausted.

  • Cause fear. Spell. The target becomes frightened.

  • Cause paralysis. Spell. The target becomes immobilized.

  • Cause rage. Spell. The target becomes enraged.

  • Create light/darkness. Spell. An area is brightly lit or obscured by shadow

  • Detect living creature. Spell. Detects the nearest living creature of a specific kind.

  • Disable senses. Spell. Disables one of the target's senses.

  • Dispel effects. Spell. Removes one condition effect afflicting the target

  • Enhance defenses. Spell. Boosts a creature's defenses.

  • Enhance senses. Spell. Grants advantage on skill checks related to the use of a specific sense.

  • Flare. Spell. Blinds an attacking creature, reducing incoming damage.

  • Guidance. Spell. Grants an additional modifier die to a roll.

  • Healing Circle. Spell. Heals creatures in area.

  • Imbue weapon. Spell. A weapon deals extra radiant damage.

  • Inflame. Spells. Touch attack that deals radiant damage.

  • Instant rest. Spells. Removes one level of exhaustion.

  • Sigil. Spell. Grants magical weakness to a particular damage type.

  • Sloth. Spell. Hinders a creature.

  • Slow disease. Spell. Temporarily halts the effects of an ongoing disease.

  • Spirit projection. Spell. Allows the healer to project her/his spirit outside of her/his body.

  • Spiritual barrier. Spell. Creates a barrier that traps creatures outside or inside.

  • Ward. Spell. Grants magical resistance to a particular damage type.

Once a healer reaches 6th level he/she can choose specialize in a healer prestige class whether as a beacon, hospitaler or spiritualist.

Beacons represent the hope of a brighter future and they specialize in light-related spells, they're the first line of defense against the undead and other creatures of shadow.

Beacon's talent list

  • Bright spire. Spell. Creates a persisting area of radiant damage that hinders enemies.

  • Cleansing light. Spell. Deals radiant damage to enemies, heals allies in area.

  • Destroy undead. Spell. Destroys undead creatures.

  • Detect undead creature. Spell. Detects the nearest unliving creature of a specific kind.

  • Purify. Passive. Undead creatures when killed by radiant damage.

  • Radiance. Spell. Luminous items shed even more light.

  • Revealing light. Spell. Light that dispels illusions.

  • Searing mark. Spells. Mark that deals continuos radiant damage.

  • Shadowbane. Passive. Creatures with weakness to radiant damage receive more damage.

Hospitalers specialize in bodily healing spells and they occupy the highest ranks within healthcare organizations and constitute elite forces inside military units.

Hospitaler's talent list

  • Deathwatch. Spell. Gives precise information about a creature's health.

  • Boost ability. Spell. Grants advantage to all action die checks for a particular ability.

  • Cause pain. Ranged attack that deals psychic damage and leaves target in pain.

  • Regeneration. Spell. A creature regains hit points for the duration and regrows lost limbs.

  • Cure disease. Spell. Cures a disease afflicting a creature.

  • Euphoria. Spell. Grants advantage to all action die checks the target makes.

  • Distant healing. Passive. you can perform accelerated healing from afar.

  • Revivify. Spell. Prevents a creature from dying.

  • Vital link. Spell. Two creatures share hit points.

Spiritualists specialize in spells that connect creatures and deal with matters of the spirit world, becoming a bridge between the two.

Spiritualist's talent list

  • Astral body. Spell. A creature's body becomes incorporeal.

  • Enthrall. Spell. Forces a creature to follow commands.

  • Spirit guardian. Spell. Helps a creature succeed on a save.

  • Spirit disrupt. Spell. Deals psychic damage and stuns creatures.

  • Spiritual weapon. Spell. A weapon deals extra psychic damage.

  • Spirit warp. Spell. Forces a creature to fail on an action die check.

  • Spirit defense. Spell. Trades willpower for damage reduction during an attack.

  • Telepathic link. Spell. Allows for telepathic communication between two creatures.

  • True sight. Spell. Allows a creature to see into the spirit world and see invisible creatures.

(1) Magical implement that allows a caster to perform spells. is constructed from the magical fusion of an ebryk crystal and an object of sentimental value to the caster.

(2) Individuals capable of channeling Aether.

(3) The magical energy of the world.

(4) External improvement of a creature's capabilities.

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