The infuser character class

This is the first article in a series that will explore character creation options for the upcoming Legends of Elden® Tabletop Roleplaying Game, if you still don't know what that is you might want to check out this article first.

The infuser is one of the two base character classes that make use of power runes, considered by most scholars to be the most primitive form of Eldeni magic in the sense that, the user doesn't need to be a "conduit" (1) to be able to perform this form of magic. Instead, a power rune grants magical properties to the object in which it is inscribed.

The infuser uses an ebryk crystal to inscribe power runes directly into a liquid known as an inert alchemical mixture (a by-product of proper alchemy), the runes produce potent effects that manifest when the liquid is either applied or ingested. An infused mixture remains active for 24 hours, allowing the infuser to prepare her/his infusions ahead of time rather than in the fray of a fight. After 24 hours, any unused infusion returns to being an inert mixture that can be infused again and again.

In Eldeni society, infusers are considered to be quick fixers and remedy makers, they usually integrate the use of their power runes with the practice of traditional alchemy and they often set up shops or travel around small towns offering a wide array of magical solutions that are cheaper and more accesible to the common people than spellcasting services.

The infuser is a martial hero whose core ability is Wisdom. The infuser has low health and regular willpower and is best suited for ranged combat performing exceptionally as both a supporter, buffing (2) her/his allies with mutagens and agents; and controller, dealing area damage form afar with her/his bombs. It also is the only martial hero to be able to use a grimoire to expand her/his talent list.

Infuser's talent list

  • Adaptive lung mutagen. Power rune. Allows the user to breathe normally in any environment.

  • Adhesive agent. Power rune. An agent that glues together anything it touches.

  • Alacrity mutagen. Power rune. Enhances speed and grants advantage on Dexterity skill checks and saving throws to its user.

  • Alchemic resistance. Passive. Gain natural resistance to toxic damage.

  • Alchemist's fire. Power rune. An agent that catches fire in contact with air.

  • Belladona. Power rune. An agent that poisons any creature that touches it.

  • Caustic bomb. Power rune. Deals corrosive damage in an area.

  • Cognitive mutagen. Power rune. Grants advantage on Intellect skill checks and saving throws to its user.

  • Cryogenic bomb. Power rune. Deals cold damage in an area.

  • Flash bomb. Power rune. Blinds creatures in area.

  • Galvanic bomb. Power rune. Deals lightning damage in an area.

  • Hallucinogen draught. Power rune. An agent that causes hallucinations to any creature that touches it.

  • Incendiary bomb. Power rune. Deals fire damage in an area.

  • Lubricant agent. Power rune. An agent that makes surfaces become slippery and dissolves adhesive.

  • Nighteye mutagen. Power rune. Grants low-light vision to its user.

  • Pheromones mutagen. Power rune. Grants advantage on Charisma skill checks and saving throws to its user.

  • Restorative mutagen. Power rune. Grants health recovery to its user.

  • Sleeping draught. Power rune. An agent that causes any creature that touches it to fall asleep.

  • Smoke bomb. Power rune. All objects and creatures inside the area gain concealment.

  • Stink bomb. Power rune. Deals toxic damage in an area.

  • Strength mutagen. Power rune. Enhances carrying capacity and grants advantage to Physique skill checks and saving throws to its user.

Once an infuser reaches 6th level he/she can choose specialize in an infuser prestige class whether as a bomber, chemist or mutagenist.

Bombers specialize in transforming inert alchemical mixtures into damage dealing infusions with improved blast radius.

Bomber's talent list

  • Concusive bomb. Power rune. Deals force damage in an area.

  • Energy bomb. Power rune. Deals energy damage in an area.

  • High yield explosions. Passive. Increases the damage dealt by your bombs.

  • Paralyzing bomb. Power rune. Immobilizes creatures in area.

  • Rage bomb. Power rune. Enrages creatures in area.

  • Shaped explosion. Power rune. A bomb's explosion ignores some targets in the area.

  • Shrapnel. Passive. Adds piercing damage to a bomb's effects.

  • Timed explosion. Power rune. Adds a countdown timer to a bomb's explosion.

  • Unstable mixture. Power rune. A bomb deals additional damage of a random type.

Chemists specialize in transforming inert alchemical mixtures into potent poisons and versatile agents with varied effects.

Chemist's talent list

  • Crippling venom. Power rune. A creature affected by belladona is also weakened.

  • Hindering venom. Power rune. A creature affected by belladona is also hindered.

  • Dispelling draught. Power rune. An agent that removes one condition effect over the user.

  • Energizing draught. Power rune. Agent that grants the user the same benefits of a 6 hour rest period.

  • Fleshrot venom. Power rune. Turns belladona damage type into necrotic.

  • Love drug. Power rune. An agent that charms the user.

  • Painful venom. Power rune. Power rune. A creature affected by belladona is also in pain.

  • Petrifying compound. Power rune. An agent that turns everything but glass into stone.

  • Voracious acid. Power rune. An agent that dissolves everything but glass.

Mutagenists specialize in transforming inert alchemical mixtures into mutagens that temporary enhance a creature's capabilities.

Mutagenist's talent list

  • Diamond skin mutagen. Power rune. Grants resistance to slashing and piercing damage to its user.

  • Rubbery skin mutagen. Grants resistance to hacking and bludgeoning damage to its user.

  • Bestial mutagen. Power rune. Transforms the user into a hulking, savage version of itself.

  • Chameleon mutagen. Power rune. Grants invisibility to its user.

  • Flight mutagen. Power rune. Grants its user a flying speed.

  • Poisonous blood mutagen. Power rune. Deal poison damage to attacker when hit by a melee weapon.

  • Elastic mutagen. Power rune. Grants reach to its user.

  • Regenerative mutagen. Power rune. Lets te user regrow lost limbs.

  • Drake breath mutagen. Power rune. Grants a breath weapon to its user.

(1) Individuals capable of channeling Aether, the magical energy of this world.

(2) External improvement of a creature's capabilities.

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