Flora and fauna of Elden, the Kyndrak.

“If you ever find yourself alone in the desert and happen to hear the flap of leathery wings on your back, believe me friend, you better start sayin’ your last prayers”
Ghrumm Us-Donsk, urken explorer.

Also knows as fire draks, kyndraks are large reptilian beasts that can measure up to 15ft (5m) in lenght with a wingspan of up to 30ft (12m), a fully grown adult can weigh up to a solid 500lb (230kg). These fearsome flying predators are known to feed on almost any other creature smaller than themselves and will even dare to attack other large predators and small groups of humanoids if they dare to thread inside their hunting territories.

Habits and habitat

Kyndraks are perfectly adapted to life within arid environments such as savannas, shrublands and deserts where they efficiently hunt their prey from above.

A kyndrak’s natural lifespan is of approximately 50-60 years and although their thick leathery skin allows them to easily withstand the scorching heat of the desert sun, they commonly prefer a more nocturnal lifestyle since they don’t need the warmth of the sun to maintain their body temperature like other reptiles do.

Kyndraks make their nests and lairs inside underground caves or below rocky outcrops. Preferably near busy animal pathways, highly traveled routes, oases or any other places where lesser creatures gather or pass by.

A kyndrak’s hunting territory can spread across a large area of approximately 25-30 miles around their lairs. Kyndraks are highly protective of their territory and would not hesitate to drive off or kill other desert predators such as dwadras, gydarrs or other kyndraks.

Though they tend to be solitary hunters, small family units are not unheard of, specially if a mating pair is protecting a clutch of eggs or young hatchlings that have not yet reached the wyrmling stage.

Kyndrak tactics

Adult kyndraks are fearsome predators capable of both aerial and terrestrial combat. A kyndrak will make use of the tactical advantages granted by its flying speed, swooping down to attack ground targets with its claws and/or bite, sometimes grabbing and carrying away a lonesome prey. A kyndrak will only land to make use of its fire breath or tail sweep abilities against groups of multiple enemies.

Fig. 01 - A kyndrak preparing its fire breath

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