What is Legends of Elden® Roleplaying Game?

The Legends of Elden® Roleplaying Game is a story-driven tabletop game in which players take the role of adventurers, also called player characters, inside the vibrant and dangerous fictional world of Elden. There, adventurers might meet interesting non-player characters, explore incredible places, battle frightful creatures, solve complex puzzles and uncover marvelous treasure all while guided by the scribe, that acts as the main storyteller.

Legends of Elden® Roleplaying Game is a creative exercise of collaborative storytelling with no real end or obvious winner, where one story comes to an end another one could begin, giving players the opportunity of countless hours of epic fun.

The world of Elden is an awe-inspiring world inhabited by unique humanoid species and where magic is almost a mundane thing that permeates all aspects of society and powers the development of wondrous technology, while in the vast unexplored parts of the world lie ruins of forgotten civilizations of the distant past and monstrous creatures still lurk in the shadows. Do you dare to explore this world strange new world?

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