Character creation

When embarking on an adventure inside the continent of Arveir or the lands beyond using the Worlds of Legend Tabletop Roleplaying Game System™, the first step if you are not playing as the scribe, is to create a character. For this purpose, you should begin by asking yourself "What kind of adventurer do I want to play?".

The world of Corlyr is a high-fantasy setting with dungeon-punk elements that offers a wide range of exciting character choices. Will you take on the role of an ingenious gnome artificer, a glamorous elf bard, a resourceful human mage, a slick halfling rogue, or a valiant half-dragon warrior? Your player character, also referred to as PC, is a fusion of game mechanics, narrative elements, and your boundless creativity. 

Once you have a rough concept in mind, you can start selecting features from the options below to build your ideal character within the rules of the game. Follow the steps provided and meticulously record all the essential details and statistics on a Worlds of Legend TTRPG character sheet (Click here to get yours now).

Step-by-step character creation

This section will guide you through the process of creating your first character and all characters beyond you create for a game of the Worlds of Legend Tabletop Roleplaying Game System.  

Once you've gone through this process, you should have a player character ready to use on your game of Worlds of Legend Tabletop Roleplaying Game System™.

Character ancestries

Your ancestry serves as the basis of your character and defines them at the most fundamental level. This decision not only shapes the general appearance of your character, but it also bestows upon them some natural talents and perks inherited from their genetics and particular cultural background. 

As you take your first steps into the land of Arveir, your character's ancestry and culture of origin can provide an initial lens through which you perceive the unfolding narrative. Embracing, or even refusing, their genetic or cultural heritage can prove to be a powerful foundation for your character's epic journey inside the vast and captivating world that awaits inside the pages of the Legends of Arveir Campaign Setting.

The following backgrounds are available for you to choose from:









Backgrounds & upbringing 

Your background serves as a way to flesh out your character's upbringing and life experiences before becoming an adventurer. But it goes beyond a mere backstory, it not only provides the scribe with details about your character that add depth and dimension to your character's persona, it also grants additional features that complement your character's existing abilities. 

By delving into your background, you breathe life into your character, making them more than just a collection of stats and abilities, and as you embark on your grand adventure, your character's background will continue to influence the unfolding tale. 

The following backgrounds are available for you to choose from:

Core classes

In the Worlds of Legend Tabletop Roleplaying Game System™, a character's class goes far beyond a mere collection of statistics and abilities, it represents your character's life path and purpose. Your character's class profoundly influences how they perceive the world, interact with it, and connect with others. The class you choose grants access to a distinctive set of proficiencies, skills, and special talents. For instance, warriors are focused on martial prowess and weapon mastery while mages gain access to powerful eldritch spells that can alter reality itself. 

When you start your journey at level 1 your character will possess only a few of these distinctive traits but, as you gain experience and progress through the game, your character will grow and unlock new features that will better represent their specific adventurous journey. 

The following core classes are available for you to choose from: