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Welcome to our site! OR15 Publishing™ is a small independent publishing company dedicated to producing high-quality transmedia fiction narratives. 

Our small team is truly passionate about all things fiction, whether it's fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, or sci-fi, it has a home here with us. If you're looking for spine-tingling horror novels, mind-bending sci-fi comics, or provocative fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. You'll find it all here. 

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A high-fantasy setting where mighty dragons rule over a continent torn by the scars of a war long past. In the nation of Velthara righteous metallic dragons reign supreme, while its counterpart of Or'ryl is dominated by the rule of Chromatic dragons. 

For a thousand years, peace has prevailed between the nations since the end of the last great dragon war, allowing both to rebuild and thrive. However, hidden beneath the surface, the embers of conflict still smolder, their flames fanned by a mysterious force that whispers prophecies of ancient rivalries rekindled and of an impending war that could reshape the very foundations of Arveir.

Step into the Void

A science fiction setting where the delicate balance of reality hangs by a thread when technological innovation crosses into the unknown. Native species to the Vynderian star system are faced with the difficult decision of embracing innovation or cling to their old ways knowing that there are more advanced civilizations out there

A few decades ago, a derelict colony ship appeared from out of nowhere besieged by incomprehensible horrors from another reality. The ship held the secrets for faster-than-light travel and the remnants of an entire alien civilization. But the reality of this technology is more frightening than encouraging.