Storyworld: Arveir

Arveir is a fascinating high-fantasy realm, that awaits your imagination! Embark on a literary, visual, and interactive journey through this dragon-ruled continent divided by the scars of a war long past. Witness the righteous metallic dragons soaring over the nation of Velthara, or experience firsthand the authoritarian rule of the chromatic dragons over the darkened landscapes of Or'ryl

Delve into a continent blessed by a thousand years of peace after the last great dragon war, yet feel the foreboding shadows of an impending conflict stoked by an extraneous force shrouded in mystery inside the pages of Into the Belly of the Beast, our first full-length literary novel. Explore the vast narrative possibilities that the continent of Arveir has to offer, while you unleash your creativity alongside a group of friends with the Legends of Arveir™: Campaign Setting. Or, protect the inhabitants of the nation of Velthara from all kinds of nasty monsters and awful baddies in the Legends of Arveir™: Unlikely Heroes videogame series

Join us on this awe-inspiring journey of exploring the continent of Arveir and the lands beyond!

A countryside landscape depicting the walled citadel at Fembarr

Embark on an enchanting coming-of-age journey and lose yourself in the immersive world of Arveir inside the pages of Into the Belly of the Beast, our first literary novel. Join us as we unveil the first chapter of this captivating novel that introduces us to Keilryn Varivender, a young moon elf on a journey to discover her true potential. 

Into the Belly of the Beast is a tale that will transport you to a world teeming with wonder and danger, where Keilryn's journey of self-discovery intersects with a greater narrative that could reshape the very fabric of her nation. It is a story that explores themes of bravery, sacrifice, and finding understanding between one another.

read Into the belly of the beast Ch.2

The journey continues (soon) and we'd like to invite you to immerse yourself in the enthralling second chapter of Into the Belly of the Beast. In this installment, Keil's path converges with fate as she steps into the midst of a peculiar group of people, and the atmosphere is charged with anticipation and uncertainty. 

Each member of the barrack 'old fang' squad bears a unique story and is seemingly united with the others only by their status as outcasts, destined to face challenges at every turn. Intrigue grows as Keil navigates the complexities of her new squadmates' personalities yet, amidst the tentative camaraderie, a storm brews over the horizon.