Storyworld: Arveir

World primer: A land of gods and dragons

Welcome, to the continent of Arveir! Storyworld Arveir is a high fantasy setting where fantasy races such as elves, gnomes, orcs, dwarfs, humans, and more. Not only coexist but thrive under the rule of one of the most majestic creatures in the realms: the dragons.

Long ago, the continent of Arveir was torn asunder by the divine wrath of two conflicting deities that created a rift between two nations: Velthara, a kingdom built upon the ideal of order and ruled by the virtuous and composed metallic dragons; and Or'ryl, an empire where mighty mineral dragons reign with unbridled ambition. Yet, this backdrop is not your standard black-and-white, good versus evil fantasy... this dichotomy serves to explore tales of intrigue, valor, and the quest for balance in a world where the lines between good and evil blur into shades of moral ambiguity.

More than 700 years have passed in peace but, this tranquility is only a veneer, masking centuries of turmoil and strife. The First Dragon War, a catastrophic clash between the metallic and mineral houses as well as their patron deities, has left an indelible mark on the world, birthing the great rift that now literally separates the continent into two opposing visions of order and power. The lands within Arveir are filled with interesting people, from the stalwart dwarves to the mystical elves, the ingenious gnomes to the formidable orcs, the optimistic halflings to the cunning goblinoids, and the adaptable humans to the conflicted humanoid scions of the dragons, the dragonkin. Each of them unwittingly lives and reflects the values and influence imposed by their dragon overlords. Here, magic weaves through the very fabric of existence, accessible to all who possess the will to harness it, serving as a testament to the world's primordial forces and as a tool for those powerful enough to shape its future. As prophecies foretell of a looming conflict, spurred by the machinations of unseen forces greater than the gods themselves, Arveir now stands on the precipice of a new era of discord.

Within this world of beauty and inherent conflict stories of heroism and humanity unfold in multiple narratives that mirror our own world's struggles with radical ideologies, the harrowing realities of war, and the moral dilemmas that arise from them. Explore the trials and tribulations that a group of outcasts faces while seeking to avert the devastation caused by a Second Dragon War in Into the Belly of the Beast our first full-length literary novel. Guide a group of young heroes striving to protect the inhabitants of the nation of Velthara from all kinds of fearful monsters and unscrupulous individuals in the Legends of Arveir™: Unlikely Heroes videogame series. Or explore the vast narrative possibilities that the continent of Arveir has to offer by yourself as you unleash your creativity alongside a group of friends with the Legends of Arveir™: Campaign Setting. Arveir is a canvas for narratives that explore the complexity of its inhabitants' hearts and the resilience of their spirits, it offers a beacon of hope and a reminder that beyond our differences lie common grounds of compassion, courage, and the collective endeavor for a brighter tomorrow.

Welcome to the continent of Arveir! Where every legend has its truth, every shadow has its light, and every individual has the power to make a difference. Here, in a world governed by the whims of powerful dragons, lies the promise of epic adventures that do more than entertain.

They inspire.

Embark on an enchanting coming-of-age journey of Keilryn Varivender, a young moon elf on a journey to discover her true potential and lose yourself in the immersive world of Arveir inside the pages of Into the Belly of the Beast, our first literary novel. 

Into the Belly of the Beast is a tale that will transport you to a world teeming with wonder and danger, where Keilryn's journey of self-discovery strands her with a group of misfits and intersects with a greater conflict that could reshape the very fabric of her nation. It is a story that explores themes of bravery, sacrifice, and finding understanding with one another.

So you like fantasy, you like video games, and you like lighthearted stories or perseverance? Then the Legends of Arveir™: Unlikely Heroes is what you need. An enthralling JRPG-inspired video game series set in the divided lands of Arveir. As the seasoned warriors of Velthara march down south toward a distant battlefront, a new kind of hero must rise from among the common folk...

You as a player, will lead a motley crew of brave, but awfully inexperienced heroes, driven mainly by their desire to protect their home from the domestic threats posed by monsters and unsavory individuals that now roam at large.

Explore the Legends of Arveir™: Campaign Setting, where epic tales await you at every turn! Step into a world of high fantasy, where the kingdoms of Velthara and Or'ryl stretch beneath the wings of dragon rule. Here, you have the unique opportunity to become part of a vibrant and ever-evolving narrative as you embrace the role of a brave warrior, a cunning mage, or a crafty rogue from a diverse array of races including dwarves, elves, or humans. Each with its own rich culture and abilities. 

Prepare for an adventure where your deeds and those of your friends will become the legends that future generations in Arveir will speak of... Are you ready to leave your mark on this world? Keep reading and start crafting your own story.