System overview

So, what is a tabletop roleplaying game?

Remember those times when you played make-believe games as a kid? Where you'd imagine yourself as a brave warrior, a powerful superhero, or a daring space adventurer? Well, tabletop roleplaying games, also called TTRPGs, take that same sense of wonder and adventure you had as a kid and turn it into a structured and rules-based gaming experience you can enjoy no matter how old you are.

At its core, a TTRPG provides a set of rules and guidelines that allow you, along with a group of friends, family members, or complete strangers, to tell a collaborative story that is both coherent and fun to hear; all while gathered around a table in the comfort of a living room or a café. Playing a TTRPG is like participating in an ever-changing theater play, or playing a videogame that doesn't have a fixed script, it is an interactive storytelling experience where the decisions the characters make throughout the course of a game session shape the story as it is being told. 

When playing the Worlds of Legend Tabletop Roleplaying Game System™, your group will create characters that represent them all inside the game world, give them all backstories, personality traits, and goals they want to achieve, and together, you will embark on an adventure where said characters will face challenges and overcome obstacles with the help of another player who will play as the scribe. They’ll be in charge of setting the scene, controlling enemies and/or non-player characters, as well as adjudicating the rules. You’ll find that as you play, your characters will grow and evolve. They'll gain experience, acquire new skills and abilities, and become more powerful, but they'll also face difficult choices and sometimes, tragic consequences for their actions.

So, what are you waiting for to explore fantastical worlds and become part of an epic story?

Roles at the Table

In most TTRPGs (not all of them though), there are two fundamental roles that players can assume: that of the Game Master, also called the GM; and those of the Player Characters, also called PCs.

The Worlds of Legend Tabletop Roleplaying Game System™ is designed to be played with a minimum of 2 players at the table, but it can also be played with as many players as the “game master” can effectively manage. If you and your group are new to the TTRPG experience, we strongly recommend having a range of 4 to 6 players at your table, including the one playing as the scribe.

The scribe

When playing the Worlds of Legend TTRPG System™, the player who takes on the role of the Game Master is referred to as the Scribe. The scribe has several important responsibilities, including preparing and/or running the game sessions, as well as serving as the main storyteller who describes and populates the game world. The scribe also interprets the actions of the PCs’ allies and/or enemies, and adjusts the story based on the consequences of their actions. The scribe ultimately holds the highest authority at the table when it comes to resolving conflicts, whether they are related to the game's rules or interpersonal issues among the players.

The player characters

Other players should each assume the role of a Player Character. These characters are typically the central figures within the story, and their actions drive the narrative forward as the game progresses. Each player should have a character sheet that they fill in with information about their characters, such as their appearance, attribute dice, equipment, perks, proficiencies, skills, and talents. This sheet of paper serves the purpose of recording the character's statistics and growth throughout the adventure.

The basics of playing TTRPGs

Similar to many other tabletop roleplaying game systems, the basic game structure for a session of the Worlds of Legend TTRPG System™ usually follows these three steps:

This structure remains the same even in situations like combat or social interactions. It's important to note that in some cases the framework allows for a more freeform structure, enabling a single player to take multiple actions. While in other scenarios, such as combat, actions tend to be resolved in a specific turn order, with each participant having a limited number of actions per turn.

Four rules to rule them all

Before delving deeper into the specifics of the game, it’s important to understand four simple rules that remain present throughout the entire gameplay. Once you and your players understand and agree to these rules, you’ll be ready to start a Worlds of Legend TTRPG System™ game session.

These four rules set the foundation for gameplay and promote fairness, creativity, and inclusivity in and out of your table. By understanding and embracing these rules, you and all other players will make sure to embark on a memorable journey, forging bonds, unraveling mysteries, and crafting a narrative that reflects the values of teamwork and inclusivity. Together, you’ll be able to create an enriching and immersive gaming experience that will leave a lasting impact on all participants.

What do I need to start playing?

Remember that playing TTRPGs is an exercise of imagination and much of the action will ultimately unfold inside your mind and that of the other players. However, there are a few supplies that can enhance your gaming experience when diving into a game session of the Worlds of Legend TTRPG System™

One essential item to have at your playing table is a set of polyhedral game dice. These specialized dice that feature various shapes and numbered sides, add an element of chance and excitement to the gameplay, you can easily find a set of polyhedral dice at your local game store, or conveniently purchase them from your favorite online retailer. Rolling these dice will determine the outcomes of your character's actions, adding suspense and unpredictability to the game. In addition to dice, it's helpful to have note-taking supplies readily available. A pencil and paper, or even a notepad, allow you to write down important details, record character names, track the party’s inventory, or quickly sketch a map.  Furthermore, it is crucial for each player to have a Worlds of Legend TTRPG System™ Character Sheet. These sheets serve as a valuable resource for organizing and tracking your character's attributes, abilities, skills, and progress. 

To access all of the Worlds of Legend Tabletop Roleplaying Game System™ and other OR15 publishing™ resources, you can explore this site or visit our publisher profile. Now, gather your supplies, ready your imagination, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the realms of the Worlds of Legend TTRPG System™.